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Pastels On The Plaza, Arcata, CA

" I wouldn't trade my life as an artist for anything. Being able to see the world through my creative lens is everything to me."

Photo: Kylee drawing and painting with chalk pastel at Pastels On The Plaza in Arcata, CA. Artists donate their time and artwork to benefit Northcoast Children's Services. Each sidewalk square is sponsored by a business. 

Kylee Conriquez is an illustrator and mixed media artist who studied studio art with a concentration in painting and illustration at Humboldt State University. She is from Fresno, California where she worked as a wildlife technician, helping conserve the habitat of sensitive species. It was there where she fostered a love for creating whimsical illustrations that draw inspiration from nature. Through her work, Kylee hopes to engage the younger generation with their natural surroundings, and inspire their innate ability to create. She has illustrated for children’s books, animations, newspapers, and literary magazines. If you are local to the Central Valley, you will see Kylee at various art events, sharing her work with her community. Kylee also enjoys creating with any materials she can get her hands on and calls her art practice "play time". You will find some of her creations locally at events or right here in her studio shop.

Kylee Conriquez In Her Art Studio

Kylee is fun to work with and can bring a feeling of magic and childlike wonder to your project. She responds promptly and would love to collaborate with you.

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