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Toyon Literary Magazine Vol. 68, A Curated Magazine, "Rest in Peace Esteban" Page. 63

"El Leñador December 2021 Issue", Page 18 "A Man Named Scott" Illustration


"Sergio Burrueta, El Leñador, La Vida y Los Artes",  May, 2021


"Art Show International Abstract 2 Juried Art Competition" May 2021

"Brandon Johansen ABC30, Stroke of Genius", September, 2020


"Wealthy Gener, Your Central Valley, Fresno Local Draws Lost Homes Due To Creek Fire For Residence", October 2020


"College of the Redwoods, Humboldt Mash-ups: Where Poetry and Art Collide", August 2020


"Times Standard, This Show is Where Poetry & Art Collide", August 2020


"The Lumberjack Takes Home 14 Media Awards", 2019

"Restoration of The Exact Center of California" 2017

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